Ipsy may have a cruelty free option?

Hello everyone recently I had been seen on my Instagram feed and it’s a petition about Ipsy putting a vegan/cruelty free option (notes cruelty free and vegan are a bit different) and I honestly looking forward that they do since I always wanted to subscribe Ipsy but sadly I don’t really like that they put on their bags cosmetic product that had already been tested on animals. I hope that they realize that putting something vegan or at least more cruelty free option it would increase more subscribers and many people will learn that we do not need animal testing product in order to know if it good for our beauty. Thank to Jess (veganbeautyaddict) she made a wonderful petition calling Ipsy to make a vegan option and so far around 900 people (including me!) have sign up the petition in favor of making a vegan option. I hope that in the near future that Ipsy and other company choose vegan and or cruelty free brands than other animal testing makeup no matter how good the product is. The animal suffer in a small cage being torture everyday while we unconsciously support the company that torture animals it’s important to pay attention to brands and company that test on animal whether is a third party or a parent company we must make a choice on who we’re supporting.
To support the petition on Ipsy going vegan click this link Vegan and Cruelty Free Beauty Bag Option from Ipsy

Jess instagam: veganbeautyaddict

To learn more on how to go cruelty free
Leaping bunny
Cruelty free kitty

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