Besame cosmetic review

Hi there everyone happy holidays and happy new year! 
Lately I fell in love with a new lipstick color that made me feel satisfy and that is one of the makeup brand that I was dying to try on and that is Besame Cosmetic by Gabriela Hermandez.
To give you a short summary about Besame cosmetic is all about vintage from the earliest 1920’s to 1970’s. All her lipstick are handmade and they all have different story and keep it true color from what decade they correspond. I find it a very unique product seeing all different shades of red and keeping the old fashion alive and preserve.
I chose the 1927 lipstick since I was looking for a dark red that will satisfy me since blood moon failed my expectation.

I was expecting the package to bit bigger but perhaps back in the old days lipstick was small or perhaps I’m forgetting that bullet lipstick in generals are not that big? Either way I like the packaging it’s simple yet classic. 

When I opened the package the first thing that impress me that the bullet lipstick is GOLD! I love anything that is gold (now I can’t stop thinking about Sniffler) the detail is quite beautiful just like the packaging and makes me yearn to collect more from them.

 The color 100% satisfy me unfortunately I lost my blood moon liquid lipstick so I could not make some compare but they are quite alike the color and doesn’t give you the dry look.When I applied the lipstick the first thing I noticed it’s smooth and quite moisturizing. Also it smell AMAZING it have like a soft vanilla scent and I’m sucker for any product that have any nice smell.

This is definitively my go to the beach lipstick, it last long, it’s not messy, plus makes me feel quite powerful. I’m looking forward on buying more from Besame Cosmetic since they got me in two thing they’re cruelty free and it vintage!

**note I contacted besame cosmetic asking if it vegan and they told me that their lipstick contain bee waxs**

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