Michael Kors smart watch

Hello everyone!
Sorry that I went missing been super busy with lot of university project to the point I’m praying for vacation anyway about a week or two I received this beautiful watch and let just say I had a mini heart attack on how pretty this watch is.
**Disclaimer I’m no watch expert and I have not been sponsor**

The watch is quite pretty and fun to use it. I personally like the color it have more gold looking than the rose gold from what I was expecting I was hoping for more a rose gold than gold either way I don’t mind at all.

You can customize the watch in whatever it peels to you and I think it’s pretty cool so you can match your clothes with different screensaver there are several option plus you can download some of photo via Michael Kors app.
You obliviously get two pamphlet of instruction teaching you how to use it. Trust me I spend at least 20 minute learning how to use it haha.
And of course you get the watch charger sadly no AC adapter to connect the watch charger so you have to buy one or have a spare one from an iPhone or android.
The battery life last at least 8 hour but charging your watch is an eternity I recommend to charge over night, you do get notification on your watch like twitter, snap chat, Facebook, email and etc…But you can’t respond them (buuu) also they have like a Siri whenever you’re searching something on the internet. I personally like this watch. I think this is the first time that I really like a watch and I see myself using it quite a lot on different occasion once I send it to some place to fix it since it’s a bit too big on me.

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