Lime crime blood moon review

Hello everyone Happy Halloween!
Today I’m gonna write another quick short review on one of my favorite makeup brands.
About a week ago I order Lime Crime blood moon limited edition since hey we’re in Autumn I love all kind of shade of red and I need a dark red for my collection any skipping all the process. The lipstick arrived pretty fast and I was excited to try it on.

I’m completely in love with this color shade it’s a very deep red. I think it’s one the darkest red lipstick that I have in my collection in general (?) it dries quite quickly just like other Lime Crime Velvetines.

Unfortunately the lipstick is sooooo flaky like it doesn’t even last for five minutes I tried to use different method but nothing work on me sadly the color is so pretty but the quality is pretty bad. 
I’m 10000000% disappointed over this product especially from one of my favorite makeup brand. Thankfully I contacted Lime Crime Customer services and the issue got resolved. I’m assuming that they added another ingredient and added too much concentration. I’m still not quite sure but I’m still planning on buying another product from them definitely not blood moon but another velvetine’s. 
I’m wearing star Saturn necklace from The Dens of the Fairies  you can get it at Etsy: The Den of the Fairies

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

3 thoughts on “Lime crime blood moon review

  1. Hi and thank you for this honest review, I wish I had seen it sooner. I bought the same bloodmoon lipstick and I find the formula not only flaking but too thick to apply smoothly and make nice edges, may I ask how the issue got solved with them ? I sent them an email but with their reputation I'm scared I won't get my money back :/


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