The Den of the Fearies

Hello everyone so sorry I haven’t been posting stuff for awhile been busy with lot of thing anyway today I’m gonna write a short review from a small store from etsy that I’m totally obsess at this moment!
The Dens of the Fairies is a small independent company from Puerto Rico as you all know I love supporting anything that is local from any company just like any other small company. 
What I love from The Dens of the Fairies is that they sell lot of cute necklace, headband and dream catcher price for a reasonable price and free shipping with no minimum purchases!
About a week ago I purchased one of her necklace and customize the way that I wanted. As you can see I decided to add hot pink star because pink is one of my favorite color and add a planet (Saturn) because why not?. I’m impress how fast it arrived and how the packaging came in lot of plastic wrap to protect the necklace since the bottle is made of crystal and a cute tiny pastel pink small box and that just left me a good impression makes me want to buy more from her stores.
As you can see the necklace is small since I customize the way that I like it and got many compliment from many people around my campus on how cute necklace is!  
Thank you Beatriz Helena (owner of The Dens of The fairies store) for this necklace I look forward buying more of your product near on your future
To check out her store go to:
To check out her social network

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