Kat Von D: Bonnie + Cycle shade of light blush revie

Hello everyone I’ve been dying to review this product for awhile but collage life is taking me over anyway can you believe me that I found this product on T.J. Maxx for $6? I know right right too good to be true? (I have the evidence it’s on my Instagram account Ladamedechat)

The package is obliviously very Kat Von D inside the package it have a small pamphlet on giving you an idea how to wear their blush personally I found it bit useless. I tried to search in many beauty department site if they still sell Kat Von D blush but sadly no luck, maybe it was a limited edition one or din’t really sell well?

On the left I believe it’s Bonnie it have this rich purple tone it’s quite beautiful sadly I personally don’t think it match on my skin tone due I like to avoid the sun. The right one is a quite pale pink I kinda like it, it give me a nice pinky blushy I prefer to add bit of the dark tone so it can be bit noticeable whenever I feel like doing some dramatic look.

I did some swatch with my fingers as you can see it’s quite chalky. I’m with this mix feeling since people always tell me that Kat cosmetic products are really good and worth the price but this product left me with quite a mix of feeling that I don’t know how much I will rate this product. I would still give another chances and I will try more product from her hopefully I will fall in love with her cosmetic line.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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