E.L.F. lip primer & plumper review

Hello fellows reader, college took a big toll me so sorry for my lack of updates anyway while I was at some store I found this product and it got the best curiosity out of me so today I will be talking about E.L.F. Lip primer & plumper.

For $3 you get a lip plumper and a lip primer in one. The lip primer have this nude color with a hint of yellow. I believe it did some difference with my lipstick that made it last longer but made some of my lipstick colors bit of pastel from their original color not that I mind. The lip plumper have this nice tingly sensation and you can taste the cinnamon but I din’t really see any difference on my lips just some tingly sensation and that it. I should definitely try Too Faced lip injection and lip injection extreme I hope it’s worth it since there are moment I want to plump my lips.

I would rate this product around 3.2 out of 5 since the primer is pretty good and I enjoy the tingly sensation but their plumper dint really work for me but hey I paid $3 so I can’t expect some $30 lip plumper that actually work and I can’t expect on having Kylie Jenner lips either way I still like E.L.F. Cosmetic. I think this is one of the shortest review I ever wrote.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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