Facetune first impression

Hello fellows reader today I will talk about an app that I’ve been using lately.

If you suck at using Photoshop from a computer fears not that there are plenty of great app to do some nice Photoshop and so far one of my favorite is face tune.

Face tune is an app from IOS and Android store where you have plenty of futures to do some nice
touching on your photo and I can assure you that it’s super easy to use. It may not be like a Photoshop from a computer, obviously but you can do some touch up on your photo.

It’s easy to use and it teach you how to use it in case if you get lost from one of their photo edits
I highly recommend them for those who are instagram addict and those who doesn’t have good skill with Photoshop it only cost $3.99 and it worth every dime since it have so many futures and it’s simple to use.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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