High end lipstick vs drugstore lipstick

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                    Hello there readers!

Today I will talking about high end lipstick vs drugstore lipstick. I ask some few question some of my friends and each one of them gave me an interesting respond.
“Why would you spend $20 over a lipstick?” -Mom
I’m all for good quality I have tried both high-end and drugstore lipstick from bad to good and all brands comes with different quality and we all have opinion and I personally love doing some good investment when it comes to buying some of the high-end products not because of their name but it’s due their hype and what I usually say “si vale la pena pues lo pruebo primero y despues lo compro” (if it worth it, I will try it first and then I will buy it).
I ask some of my friends about their opinion on both high-end and drugstore lipstick and here are their opinion.

 Do you think that some of the high end brands have the same similarity to the drugstore one? Like Too Faced vs Maybelline, Lime Crime, Jeffree Star vs NYX & Color pop?

Yes, because for an example there this matte lipstick at M.A.C. (Ruby woo or something like that) that is veeery messy, however there’s one I buy where I buy at Walgreen and it’s Wet n’ Wild mega last liquid lipstick. The MAC one is suuuuuper dried and it kinda crumble after a while the color is beautiful tho- Fabiola

They could be easily duped in term of colors- Mia

Yup. I said yes. I’m 100% sure that some high end lipstick have a perfectly identical or similar ingredient to drugstore brands making them just as good and you don’t have to spend a whole bunch of money to get a good quality lip product. – Jaylen

In general, high-end and drugstore cosmetics share similarities, but often more so when it comes to lipsticks. Aside from colour shades, some tend to last as long and generate a similar finish.

                                                 drug store lipstick: NYX suede NYX lingering and ELF moisturizing lipstick 
What are your favorite lipstick brand? It can be both from a drugstore and high end one

My favorite lipstick is Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lipstick line, because it has a nice shades which go on smoothly and are fairly durable despite not being matte. – Veronica

Of all time? Sin from MAC!. – Jaylen

Wet n wild mega last liquid – Fabiola

I like the Sephora brand also NYX brand and Kat Von D- Ashley

As much I love Maybelline long lasting and Kat Von D I adore MAC durability and matte color but I also love Maybelline a lot. I don’t know. It’s a tie between MAC and Maybelline I’m not gonna lie. – Mia

          Kylie cosmetic: Lord, Lime Crime: Great pink planet and mint to be, Marc Jacobs, Sephora red lipstick, Buxom, Necromancy cosmetica: bonfire

Do you think that a drugstore lipstick have the same effect as a high end lipstick?

Yeah- Mia

Definitely. I mean there are high end lipstick brands that can’t be beat…But most of them? Totally, there’s better alternative for a reasonable price.- Fabiola

Okay, sometime. I think you can find drugstore brands that have the same effect as high end brands but not at all. -Jaylen

I’m not clear what you mean on effect as they’re both lipsticks and are both good for that purpose, but however, I can say that generally not all drugstore lipsticks can be used as dupe simply because it is the same or a similar shade to a high-end one. Usually, because most brands don’t even have moisturizers in their products, and some may be irritant to some people because of thei cheaper preservatives as is the case that has been seen with makeup brands like Jeffree Star (which is considered high-end, but has happened with drugstore brands as well) as he looks to keep his make-up budget-friendly, vegan and durable.- Veronica

**Fabiola is a makeup artist from everyday makeup to FX check out her Instagram account **

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