Kylie Jenner, Too Faced and Marc Jacobs makeup reviews

Hello there readers as I promised today I was going to review Kylie Jenner liquid lipstick birthday edition and since today is my birthday (yay I’m 21 years old now) I decided to review three products more.

          So I feel like I should review first Marc Jacobs makeup.


 I was pretty much dying to try out Marc Jacobs gel liner and I never felt so disappointed let just simply say it doesn’t work I tried to do a wing liner but the product doesn’t come out. Is it a malfunction? Honestly I don’t know but oh my god it doesn’t work and check the reviews and everyone love it but I just don’t and I’m sad about it maybe I would go to Sephora and check on their sample and hopefully it was just a factory malfunction.

As you can see it doesn’t come out jet black it like rubbing a black crayon hard to get the product on your skin and ugh I’m just frustrated over this product.

Now their lipstick left me quite impress it’s soft and pigmented and last quite long for about 3-4 hours I really love the color it like pink coral color and I just love it and perhaps I would do a purchase on this beautiful lipstick color once I’m running out of my mini kiss kiss bang bang by Marc Jacobs. color

Kylie Jenner Lord liquid metal lipstick birthday edition in my previous post I talked about my experience of customer service experience and as I promised I would talk about this product. I’m quite impressed on how pigmented it’s and I think it make a perfect ombre also it last quite long but not as much as her other products according to my research that I have done. Her lipstick smell so damn good it like batter cake or at least vanilla frosty cake. The color is so beautiful and I think it can go with all type of looks.

As you can see how pigmented it’s it just gold according to her ingredient it said gold so of course Kyle turn gold into a liquid lipstick and I’m not disappointed.

Too Faced born this way foundation. This is the first time I ever purchased a high end foundation product and I’m glad I have made a good decision my first option was Too Faced born this way foundation and honestly I love it! It leave my skin quite flawless and gives me a natural coverage my skin is normal but if you have a oily skin use Too Faced born this way. Hopefully in the near future I would try their concealer.

I used all my new makeup products except Marc Jacobs gel liner I used my wet n wild liquid eyeliner but I’m quite happy with my purchased especially with my foundation. Also look at my flawless liquid liner.

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