My Kylie Jenner customer experience

Hello there!

We all know who is Kylie Jenner since the Kardashian and the Jenner are everywhere it’s no new whatsoever.

Since Kylie Jenner launch her company there been so many controversy from missing product, package never arriving, broken wand, half full products and her customer services…

The reason why I purchased her products was is it worth to spend $30 over a lipstick? How fast are her shipping and what about her customer services?.

So last week around Friday in the morning I made up my mind and purchased Lord since all her birthday edition was sold out and I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try some crazy lipstick color.

I successfully purchased her product and got my confirmation payment I was pretty happy but at the same time worried. I waited 24 hours to received my tracking shipping after I check my email around noon I decided to send them an email that I haven’t received my tracking shipping.

I received there email around midnight after I send mine around noon and I end up thinking perhaps it’s the time zone who knows? I was bit pissed but again who knows how many employee are there responding all the emails from all the customer around the world so I will let it pass.
After they responded me I was bit okay even tho I wish they would put on their policy that during the weekend they’re not working. I think it would make better senses. I waited for two days after their last email and I got my tracking shipping info and I was pretty happy and they left me quite impressed on how fast arrived and it came right before on my birthday and that just a win win I thought it was going to be arriving next week or so but I’m quite impress how fast it came.
Her (lord) liquid lipstick smell like cake batter and/or vanilla frosty quite addictive. It’s quite pigmented and easy to applied I think it would make a perfect ombre. I will be reviewing her product on my next post!
Now would I purchase again on her site?
I’m not quite sure honestly I’m quite neutral since I paid almost $9 shipping and some people who are not part of the US territory paid around $11-15 and that just too much I wish she would fix that part I find it quite irritating. If they would put free shipping with no minimum purchase or with minimum purchases I think it would be great.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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