Chanel foundation review

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About almost a month ago I was trying some few Chanel makeup since I’m looking for a new foundation because I don’t know what happen but apparently wet n wild foundation stop selling my skin color (?). Anyway while I was at Macy’s I ask one of the employee if they can help me find the perfect match for my skin color so I got a makeover for free and I got a mini sample of their foundation.

The foundation left me quite impress did not leave my face cakey, too dark nor too light just perfect as if I wasn’t wearing anything to the point I almost forgot I was wearing a makeup. 

It been almost a month and with this sample let just say ‘a little goes a long way’ because you don’t need much of foundation just a tiny bit and it cover your face and make you look flawless without putting any effort.

I can easily put the pro, con and neutral so here it’s the list
Long lasting
Doesn’t smell chemical
Perfect match for your skin and it even have sunscreen according to the makeup artist whom I can’t recall his name at this moment.
Chanel cosmetic do animal testing
It cost about $60 but it will last you for awhile especially if you’re those people who wears makeup everyday.
I don’t see myself buying their makeup due they support animal testing and I personally can’t support a company where they do animal testing.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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