I can’t think much of the title on soon I will be turning 21 years old…But I will share bit of my life here.

I still feel I haven’t accomplish much but I’m doing my best on doing things that I love and fighting my on going battle of my anxiety and my depression.

I think this years will be good if not okay since I been offered a job and right now I’m keeping my eyes on a job where I will be travelling quite a lot that is if I pass the interview if not then I will stay in my country and study FX makeup since finally they offered me a scholarship.

What I learn on being a twenty year old and soon to be twenty one years old?

People come on and go it may hurt a lot when the people you call them friend leave out of the blue but it’s important to remember the good time but it’s important to move on and stick to the present not dwell on the past. Getting your heart broken sucks but you learn that time heals and just delete every conversation, every photo, every art work you made for that person and just move on it may take times but it’s important to burn all those memory not out of hatred but getting out of the past and just move forward.
Loosing someone tragically: I personally hate November since for me it’s a depressing month due I usually loose people that I care and this year I think it was one of the worst event finding out someone who used to be a friend of mine died tragically but I learn something and that is not to blame myself for every single thing everything happen for a reason and life is strange there is no explanation.                                    

Cherish the good time doesn’t matter how long ago it was but it’s important to remember the good time instead the bad one since usually the bad memory make us forget the good one. I think one of the best memory I had was when I went to see two of my favorite bands few years ago and it was H.I.M., The Misfits, and Thirty Seconds To Mars since I grew up with their music and they mean quite a lot to me. Cosplaying for the first time I was quite afraid that it wasn’t gonna turn out well due my anxiety and my insecurity but it succeed far from my expectation and I will definitely cosplay again next year.

To finish off this post I’m thankful for my readers and friends that I have made on this past few months and years life is never easy but that what keeps the story interesting.

I’m looking forward to turn 21 years old and just be happy that is my goal.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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