Fresh soy conditioning eye makeup remover review

Hello there fellows reader,

I’m deeply sorry that I haven’t post anything here and some of my social network due I was resting from a emergency surgery that I had and due medication I had to rest anyway here I’m about to review a product!!! Also it will be a short review.

So last time I went to Sephora I purchased Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance and the cashier gave me a sample of fresh. Last time I tried fresh I believe it was some face cream I did not like it. This product it’s an eye makeup remover which left me a quite impress. This product manege to take out my eye shadow from Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance to the Venus Palette from Lime Crime plus my mascara from the normal one to the waterproof. According to my research it have soy (obviously the product say it with the word “soy” capitalized) and it doesn’t have parabens, sulfates and phtalates sadly it’s not cruelty-free so I won’t throw away the product since I dislike throwing away products but I won’t purchase any product from fresh.

I will rate this product 3.5 out of 5.
If it was cruelty-free I would give it a higher number but since I don’t really like to support company that does animal testing I find it quite horrible on torturing animals also I’m learning more products that I used to purchase does animal testing.

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