Nyx cosmetics and wet n wild review!

Hello fellow readers I finally purchased some new makeups

As some of you know I prefer cruelty-free products and I decided to go to a drugstore this weekend and purchased some beauty products.

What I purchased?

Kylie Jenner x Sinful Color nail polish
NYX cosmetics liquid suede
NYX Liquid illuminator
NYX brow pencil
Wet n Wild mattifiying powder
Wet n Wild liquid eyeliner

Let start with the nyx liquid suede cream lipstick. I’m 100% disapointed over this product the color is very brighten but it smudge and it dint last very long.

Nyx liquid illuminator it did it’s job and it did fit bit of my expectation from what I paid for and I can’t complain because it’s a drug store brand and everything have their pro and con but overall it a good products.

NYX brow pencil. It comes with a thin tip and just like a lipstick spin to the left side to get the product and on the other side you get the brush. I think it did a good job but I prefer the gel brow.

Wet n wild liquid eyeliner: I’m 90% pleased with this product it’s easy to use and the tip lets you control on how you want to do your wing liner but the small con is it’s waterproof.

Wet n Wild mattifying powder I kinda like it, it gave my complexion control a brightness which I’m totally fine with. Overall I think they did the job.

With the purchase that I made I wasn’t quite happy and expected more from the product especially from NYX cosmetic.

Nyx Liquid lipstick 2 out of 5
Nyx liquid illuminator 3.4 out of 5
Nyx brow pencil 4 out of 5
Wet N wild mattifying powder 4 out of 5
Nyx Liquid eyeliner 4 out of 5

In conclusion I expected most from all the products other utterly disappointing.
Hopefully next time I will find some good products that wont leave me disappointment.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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