My Favorite DIY Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Hello fellows readers today I’m gonna talk about my ultimate favorite DIY cleaning makeup brushes and why it’s important to keeps our makeup brushes clean.


Cleaning makeup brushes should be one of our permanent beauty routine in order to keep our skin clean and healthy in order to avoid bacteria and breakout from dirty makeup brushes. Cleaning is important for the quality it’s what make our makeup brushes clean and our makeup last long however there are lot of  good cleaning brushes products but the cons are they run out fast and they are expensive meaning we are gonna spend lot of money on every bottle of cleaning makeups brushes. Some of our brushes are expensive or they’re from drugstore either way it doesn’t matter where it comes from what it’s important is that we keep it clean after. Also small note baby oil, baby shampoo, soaps and shampoo that everyday we use doesn’t work since it doesn’t disinfect and washing makeup brushes should be frequently and you can do it at your home using stuff from your kitchen.

What are you gonna need is a bowl you will add dish washer soap and then add bit of oil what these two are gonna do is that the dish washer soap is gonna clean and disinfect and the oil is what gonna keep the bristle soft

It should look something like this also I will recommend you to use paper towel after cleaning your brushes you let it there to dry.

My mom dirty makeup brushes.

Exhibit A: As we can see here you can see how dirty these makeup brushes are so what to do is you soak them with water and then dip it into the bowl after that use your palm hand and do a circle motion to take out the dirt after that gently squeeze the excess of the soap and then wash them with cold water and then squeeze them gently again to take out the water and then check if it still have soaps by gently giving circle motion to your makeup brushes on your palm hand do it 2-3 time until it’s completely clean and then lay it on a paper towel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not let your brushes dry facing upward it will drip down your bristle into the brushes and loose the glue and fall out your handle and the hair will fall out.

When to clean:

1. Foundation brush: Daily or at least every use the liquid will trap more bacteria than the powder one.

Eye shadow brushes: After each new color.

Eyeliner brushes: Daily just like your foundation brush anything going to your eyes should be cleaning frequently to prevent infection.

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