Review: Hask shampoo & conditioner

Hello my fellow reader!

Last week I was at Walgreen looking for a new hair product since lately my hair had been pretty oily than usual and it was driving me crazy so I found this brand called Hask. I was bit unsure since I never seen it before but I check the ingredient that it made with charcoal and citrus oil and I finally tested this past week and now my hair is not oily to the point that made my hair look super healthy.

One of the thing that I love of this brand that I made my research is that it’s cruelty free and for me that is a miracle since finding hygiene product that is not animal tested is like being an Indiana Jones. Kuddo for Hask hopefully in the near future I try more of their brand for my hair since my hair can be quite oily  and I need a good hair product that doesn’t make my hair look sad. I’m not quite sure if it works with all type of hair but on my case it did.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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