Crazy makeup of the week: Soft grunge

Hello there fellow reader!

Last week I did a Glam Glitter Goth last week and I had so much fun doing something out of my comfort zone so this week I decided to throw soft grunge makeup and lately I’ve been seen people painting their eyebrows with interesting colors like blue, pink, purple, green, all colors and they all look so pretty that I had to do it.

I had so much playing around with this look and honestly I would go out like that
Lipstick Mint to be and great pink planet by lime crime
pins: hottopic
Sailor Moon necklace:

I used venus palette by lime crime you can get it here
The blue eyeshadows that I used was from ELF cosmetic collaboration with Sleeping beauty so sadly they no longer sell them since it was limited time edition only
And better than sex mascara by too faced

Like I said I totally love it and I would totally go out with my friends almost everywhere especially going to see gigs or even better roller derby games
Girls to the front book

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