Wet n wild & Sinful Colors x Kylie Jenner nail polish first impression

Hello fellows reader as you can see I changed the name of my blog since I think it dint suit the name of my blog so I decided to go with broke but flawless as a pun that I have with my friends but nuit blanche mode will forever be on my heart since it was a nice short journey but sometime we have to change and change is good
Today I will be talking about two nail polishes that I purchased this past few weeks ago now I have to tell you I suck at painting my nails so brace yourself.

My first impression from these twos are the colors they look so pretty and perfect for Summer and from the price that I paid worth it.
Sinful Colors x Kylie Jenner nail polish denim bling $3.00
Wet n Wild green nail polish 79. cents

Like I said bare with me since I’m no expert when it comes painting my nails myself. The color denim bling is quite pretty and right now I’m having glitter fever at this moment so those who knows how Kylie Jenner you know how she is. I have no con and I would actually buy more from Sinful colors collaboration with Kylie since she use quite lot of pretty colors so hopefully in the near future I manage to find more nail polish from hers that are not nude colors since I don’t like nude colors. Also the color reminds me Sailor Mercury, you know what I mean right?

So far this is my favorite green color and I used it for my cosplay Sailor Jupiter and it matched perfectly what I did not liked is that it dint last that long only lasted about 3 days or less but hey I paid 79. cents so I guess it makes senses even tho I love wet n wild but this nail polish let me bit down at least is not like ELF cosmetic nail polish that only last one day that just threw me off.

You can find both of these nail polish at any drug store and they are worth it if you’re those type of people who doesn’t mind fixing your nail polish every week or so.

Sailor Mercury water globe gashapon. : jlist.com
Sailor Jupiter keychain: Unknown I got it at Comic Con Puerto Rico

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