First time cosplaying at Comic-con

Hello there fellow reader this year I finally cosplayed one of my favorite character from Sailor Moon and that is Sailor Jupiter.

Cosplaying for the first time it was  a bit scary since I was expecting harsh critic since I’m not skinny enough or I don’t look like that character yaddi yadda so after many, many, many years being scare of cosplaying I decided to suck it up and cosplay for the first time.

Cosplaying for the first time it can be a bit scary but in the cosplay community everyone are really nice that I got so many nice compliment and many people took photo of me that I even met some few lovely people and what I learn is that no matter what your size, height, skin color, and age everyone can cosplay because cosplay suppose to be fun and you can be yours and everyone favorite character, That is all about.

Also I like to share a bit on what I just purchased at Comic-con Puerto Rico.❤️

Sailor Jupiter key chain it’s super cute that I put it on my Luna purse ❤️
An animal otter aqua mask made in Korea and oh it so good I should had purchased two more at least.
Two mochichi it like mochi but mini mochi (?) either way it have egg inside and it taste like pudding.
Some weird Japanese candy that taste strange but good it’s like laffy taffy.
Star Wars waffle and I should had purchased five mores because it taste really good also I got a golden sticker a chibi Luke Skywalker carrying a cute chibi yoda….Well Yoda is a midget but you know what I mean, right?
One lollipop from Sanrio that I forgot the name of the character and  haven’t tried it yet
A weird pink drink that also haven’t tried it yet.
and last but not least two sticker from a local artist called Ursula Decay ❤️

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