Spring is…

                                                      Hey magical kitten!

Spring is finally here, well I can’t really see much difference since I live on a tropical island and for me Spring and Summer are the same but Summer is the worst due it can get over 100 degrees.

I decided to join in since one of my favorite blogger Suvarna Gold is making a collaboration with Katy talking about Spring and I find it really cute so I decided to join and write what Spring is really for me so further ado….

Spring is where I start seen flower and trees blooming again the weather is quite warm where it better wear some tank tops and some shorts because dealing with 80-90 degrees with humid isn’t that cool but usually when it’s a very hot day there is some big chances that maybe the same day or the next day there will be some heavy rain probably in the mountain which is a good thing since once Spring is over Summer begin and sometime we have to deal with water drought if Spring doesn’t rain where it suppose to be. It’s quite interesting how we see Spring some of us see it as allergy season, other wishing to rain enough so they don’t have to deal with water drought during the Summer, other where the snow melt away and that I mostly find interesting about Spring we all have different opinion of Spring.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

2 thoughts on “Spring is…

  1. Hey dear, you're so right, who doesnt't love flowers? I'm so happy to see that you joined the collaboration. If you like to, you can leave me a comment under \”my Spring is..\” article and than I can connect your article with mine.


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