Spring is here!

Hello dear readers sorry I was bit M.I.A since I was quite busy with some stuff (like finally painting my bedroom) anyway this few weeks I purchased some nice stuff that I can not wait to share it to you all kitten!

What I got this past few weeks well I finally purchased something in Blippo and that is a small neko pouch and a purple uchin-kun pencil sharpener I was expecting that my item would be a bit bigger but from what I paid for is worth it. 
Also my mom got me a book about Andy Warhol and I’m totally in love with the cover perfect for a coffee table also I finally found Nyx liquid lipstick that I’ve been searching everywhere and I finally found two of them.

So let talk bit of blippo. Blippo.com is a site where they sell Japanese stationary and Japanese snack & candy for a really good price plus free shipping with no minimum purchase and that just a miracle plus their shipping is quite fast from what I expected all I can say that I will definitely buy more from their site and hopefully subscribes on their kawaii monthly box.

Now since I finally found at least two Nyx suede liquid lipstick I have to say I’m not disappointed over a drug store liquid lipstick especially from what I paid for since everyone know that when it comes drug store cosmetic brand I make sure that is cruelty free and that it have good quality.
Their lipstick last quite long and their colors are highly pigmented

The grey one have like bit of blue that make it a cold grey and the red one looks a bit of orange since I believe they added bit of yellow to tone it down (?) either way it’s a perfect color and putting those together it’s just beautiful I can see myself wearing them quite often.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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