Story about my pink coach purse

I remember I was talking to my mom about fashion designer and taking about Louis Vuitton, moschino, coach, Karl Lagerfeld, etc… and she ask me if I remember that I own a cute small pink coach purse I replied with a yes that I remember I went to coach boutique long time ago and that I got her that pink purse around in Mother’s Day and all those years I thought that my mom lost that purse until recently she told me she still have it in her walking in closet so it was pretty easy to find it since I believe it was the only pink purse that stand quite well in her closet aside her two awesome YSL purse that someday I’ll have to snatch it from her closet. Long short story it always been mine since I was a kid and now I quite like it since 1. It’s pink 2. It’s vintage 3. It’s authentic so that is a big yass and it too cute plus it perfectly match my moschino barbie mirror iphone case so that even better plus it fit I don’t have to struggle with my moschino phone case with my other purses 4 it’s in a very good condition and that quite important because if it wasn’t in a good condition it would be a sad loss. Spring is coming and usually I always believe pink is the perfect color for spring since pink it just a cute color, maybe I’m still obsess with the pink color since I always loved pink since I was kid? who knows, perhaps either way now I know I would have to use my pink coach purse whenever it convenient since I love vintage and this purse is now consider vintage and finding a vintage  authentic brand is quite rare plus over priced to the point that our banks say “let it go” because our hearts say yes but our bank say no.

Look at my cute pink kit from Skelanimals that been around with me since 8th grade! Shout out to them for being cute!

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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