Necromancy cosmetica Bonfire lipstick review (⌒▽⌒)

Necromancy cosmetica bonfire 

Okay I’ve been dying to have one of the lipstick for quite awhile until few months ago (I think it was about 2-3 months ago?) I finally got one of the lipstick since I don’t know why I have this small bad luck whenever I’m about to buy something it already sold out but anyway I finally have one of their lipstick!  
 What I really like about necromancy cosmetica is that they’re 100% cruelty-free and hand crafted plus is made in Puerto Rico and that just a big YASS. Oh and their shipping is so fast (well on my case since I live in Puerto Rico and it made in Puerto Rico) but I also heard from people outside from Puerto Rico that their product actually comes pretty quickly and I haven’t heard any bad complain about their packaging and they receive some stickers which is pretty cute tho but I remember my packaging din’t bring me any sticker or a pin that I was looking bit forward on that but din’t really bother me much perhaps it was out of stock (?), but at least I got one of their lipstick that I was waiting for their restock for quite awhile since many people where talking about how awesome necromancy cosmetica lipstick is and I was quite curious to try it out.
I quite like how their bonfire color is. It have more red tone than yellow tone but they keep the color on a well balance since it’s pretty much the color of a fire and it just too perfect since orange isn’t really my favorite color but this the perfect orange that I end up loving it. 
Their lipstick is quite matte so you will have to put on some few coats and when it fades it quite noticeable so you will have to bring your lipstick to put it on again just like any lipstick. Their design is okay, it doesn’t really bother me much but I would at least add some neon purple on the top of the cap or add some wicked design but I will let it pass since they’re pretty much a new company. What I don’t like is that their lipstick somehow smell like play-doh and that bother me a bit so hopefully they  can fix and get rid of the smell because really I even ask some of my friends if it was me or actually smell strange and unpleasant and they all agree with me.
I will give them 4.3/5 but I will definitely buy more from them once they re-stock all their lipstick again.
To those who want’s to buy necromancy cosmetica then do it their lipstick are pretty rad and they’re a super friendly company they’re a great indie brand everything is handmade and their ingredient are hand pick to check out their product go to: and check out their instagram: necromancycosmetica   

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