Sailor Moon: Luna purse review~ (✪㉨✪)

Luna purse review ❤

Hey guys today I’m going to review one of my favorite purses and what I’m gonna review today is Luna purse those who know doesn’t know who Luna is Luna is Usagi and Sailor Scout guardian also mentor. So before I end up talking about Sailor moon because I’m quite fan of Sailor moon since I can’t remember before I stop being afraid of the internet and yes I was afraid of the internet when I was kid due the creepy annoying sound to connect to the internet in order to play games online so further ado let review Luna purse.

As we can see this is Luna purse it’s quite small but the material is really good it’s made with faux leather and the moon I’m not quite sure what fabric is since I’m not really an expert when it comes to fabric but never less still a good product.


The ears are quite well sew and that quite important since it’s a cat purse and it would be weird if the purse doesn’t have the cats ears and only a crescent moon….Like it would be too weird unless I wasn’t Sailor moon fan the I probably wont notice but yeah cat ears quite well sew and quite strong to ripped off. 

What bother me a bit is that the fabric dint came with a print where Luna & Artemis appear and the background is purple with lot of moon and stars. Also inside of the purse doesn’t fit much of my item especially some of wallet and if it not my wallet then my phone. m(*-ω-)m

On the bottom of the purse have those stud for when you put your purse on the table, floor or whatever any place but it doesn’t really hold on so it’s quite useless and it bit annoying since it doesn’t hold empty or not it doesn’t hold so it’s 100% useless and irritating.

The cross shoulder holder (is that what it called?) it quite long and you can change it if you want it not too long or vise versa which is something that I like and the colors match the purse as you can see and that quite important also you can remove it too!

In conclusion Luna purse is quite good like going to the movie or somewhere, where I don’t have to carry much only my wallet and my cellphone which I find it an okay but I will let it pass because it’s cute I love cat and I love sailor moon so I can’t complain much.


You can buy it here: Sailor Moon: Luna black purse

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