Lime crime: Venus palette & unicorn lipstick [review]

Lime crime: Venus Palette & unicorn lipstick [review]

Many of you have heard about Lime crime from their wild & unique colors at least, right?
well today I’m gonna review three products from lime crime their infamous Venus Palette and two of their unicorn lipsticks and they’re also a certified  cruelty free brand. 

Right now I’m completely obsess with their Venus palettes that I got on Christmas their colors are too perfect and it’s a definitely for me a everyday go to look. If you ask me which one is one of my favorite Venus color it would be muse since the color is pretty burgundy and I really like it also their eye shadows is easy to blend with other colors. Here is a link where I swatch their eye shadowVenus palette swatch    

Few months ago around in December Lime crime was having this special sell with free shipping with no minimum purchase and I was like “who could not say no to a sale + free shipping with no minimum purchase?” So long short story I purchase this two lipsticks mint to be green (left) and great pink planet (right) it took them FOREVER to arrive here to my tiny island Puerto Rico I was pretty frustrated that it was taking forever that ironically a letter from one of my favorite blogger from Australia send me a cute letter and it arrived first than Lime crime so it took exactly a month and half to arrive this two lipstick after it finally came to my hand the first thing I notice that the packaging is really cute and pretty adorable and their bullet lipstick is super adorable and I love unicorns oh and the smell it smell so good it smell like frosty now their lipstick is super creamy so I would be careful when it comes wearing them since they’re also super pigmented that with one no more than two coat is enough what I like about them is that it quite long but it does fade quite a bit so it better to carry them around when it comes to eating and drinking.  

Venus Palette 5/5
Mint to be green 3/5 not a color that I would wear everyday
Great pink planet 4/5 I don’t like how it fades.

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